week #1

Tuesday 07/14 & Thursday 07/16


  • The class website will be updated weekly. Make sure to check.
  • Introductions


noun: inference; plural noun: inferences
  1. a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.
    synonyms: deduction, conclusion, reasoning, conjecture, speculation, guess,presumption, assumption, supposition, reckoning,extrapolation

    “there should be no inference drawn from the fact that he chooses not to be a witness”
    • the process of inferring something.
      “his emphasis on order and health, and by inference cleanliness”
  • The power of words: AUDIENCE
  • Introduction to Final Project
  • What is “Reflection”?
  • Reflective Essay Prompts
    • THURSDAY 07/16 DUE: Bring old cover letter/resume for review. 
    • THURSDAY 07/16 DUE: Bring an ad for a job/internship
    • THURSDAY 07/16 DUE: Bring 1-3 possible topics for linked assignments (for class discussion). Focus on the subjects that interest you. 
    • How to choose an appropriate topic for linked assignments
    • THURSDAY 07/16 DUE: Reflection Essay #1 (bring hard copy to class)
    • Proper English or Else?
    • Please, pay attention to HOW to submit your assignments (ask questions in class)


1: an instance of reflectingespecially: the return of light or sound waves from a surface
2: the production of an image by or as if by a mirror
3 a : the action of bending or folding back
   b : a reflected part :fold
4: something produced by reflecting: as
   a : an image given back by a reflecting surface
   b : an effect produced by an influence <the high crime rate is a reflection of our violent society>
5: an often obscure or indirect criticism :reproach <areflection on his character>
6: a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation
7: consideration of some subject matter, idea, or purpose
obsolete: turning back :return
9 a : a transformation of a figure in which each point is replaced by a point symmetric with respect to a line or    plane
   b : a transformation that involves reflection in more than one axis of a rectangular coordinate system

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