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danuta-hinc-cover_0Danuta Hinc (https://danutahinc/contently.com) holds an M.A. in Philology from the University of Gdansk.  She completed three years of postgraduate studies at the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences under the direction of distinguished Professor Dr. Maria Janion. In 2014 she received the Barry Hannah Merit Scholarship in Fiction to attend the MFA in Writing Program at Bennington College, VT.

She is the author of To Kill the Other, (Tate Publishing, 2011) the fictionalized life story of one of the 9/11 hijackers. In the extensive research related to her novel, she formed close relationships with people from Palestine, Israel, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan. 

The Baltimore Sun published a review of To Kill the Other.

In January 2010 Hinc started her literary blog, danutahinc.com, which has become a popular venue for international exchange and communication.

Hinc has published short fiction and essays in the Little Patuxent ReviewThe Muse, LitterariaThe Word Riot, Inc., and numerous features in the newsletter of the Polish Library in Washington, D.C.

She is teaching advanced composition and technical writing at University of Maryland. In the past she taught freshmen and sophomore college composition, developmental writing, and ESL academic writing at Howard Community College.

Hinc facilitated the Global Faculty Professional Community at HCC, devoted to developing programs for writing across the curriculum and implementing strategies for better student engagement, success, and global competence.

She has presented at numerous conferences in the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area and nationally, conducted various workshops for literature honors programs at HCC, and led workshops on social media for students and faculty.

She has worked as a translator for the Embassy of Poland and as an editor for Rosetta Stone’s Polish-English language learning program. She is currently working on a novel, Angels in the Forest, which is loosely based on the life of her grandfather, Józef Król (Joseph King) and World War II. She is also working on a collection of short stories based on people and events in her family and the history of 20th century Europe, titled, Europe Without a Name.

Hinc speaks Polish, Kashubian, and Russian. She has studied Latin, French, and German. She understands Slovac.

Her essay, Michael Kimball, Big Ray, and the Resurrection of Daniel, was recently published in Word Riot, Inc.

You can find her CV and more links in: Poets & Writers



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