assignment #3

Assignment #3: Survey/Interview Questions (group project, but everyone prepares his or her part)

  • Due:
  • Length: Depends on your topic, typed.

For your final project, if you plan to conduct interviews, design and distribute surveys, or both, you will have to turn in a list of questions beforehand. Remember that for surveys to be useful, you must demonstrate that you’ve surveyed a representative sample of the population. Effective survey questions are specific and unbiased, and take into account your audience’s preferences, needs, and time constraints.

Effective interview questions are clear, focused, and open-ended (unlikely to result in yes/no answers).

For this assignment, you’ll write ten questions for a survey or an interview.  (You must identify which.)  You’ll want to review the guidelines on the OWL website.

You’ll begin by providing full context for your questions (for interviews: who your sources will be, when you’ll contact them, and how; for surveys: who you’ll survey, how, when, and include introductory text intended for your respondents). Your options for this assignment are as follows:

  • All ten questions may relate to one survey, or one interview.
  • If you’d like to submit both interview and survey questions, please write five of each.
  • You may write five interview questions for one source, and five interview questions for a second source, but they must be substantially different.

This assignment is intended to give you good practice in writing survey and interview questions; it’s expected that your actual questions will change as your research continues and you receive feedback from your classmates and me. Please note that you may have more (or fewer) than ten questions per survey; you’ll hand in ten so I can give you feedback that will help you craft further questions.

Please remember that whatever primary research you conduct must be completed no later than 2 weeks prior to the end of the semester.


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