assignment #5

Assignment #5: Final Project (group project)



The final project will be in the form of a report addressed to your primary audience, describing your understanding of the problem, the research you’ve undertaken, and, most importantly and significantly, suggesting a course of action your audience should follow to amend or improve the problem you’ve identified.  If you are writing a manual, you’ll need to include persuasive text to your primary (gatekeeper) audience.

Specifically, the Final Project will be comprised of the following:

  • Memo addressed to me
  • Cover Letter addressed to your primary audience
  • Cover Page
  • Table of Contents, including all sections, in-text graphics, and back matter
  • Executive Summary
  • The Proposal/Report itself (Minimum 2500 words of text with headings where appropriate):
  1. Introduction of the problem/topic, with your secondary research
  2. Methodology, Results & Findings describing the research you conducted, the reasoning behind it, and interpretations of your research results
  3. Recommendations based on your research, described in detail; the focus of your report
  4. Conclusion summarizing your main points and stating what comes next for your audience
  5. Works Consulted List (a bibliography of your ten+ sources; should begin on a separate page)
  6. Back Matter: transcripts of interviews conducted, surveys or questionnaires used in your research with fully tabulated results, data tables, charts, graphs, maps, blueprints, glossary of terms, graphics from your presentation, and anything else necessary to support your recommendations.

Memo: The memo will be addressed to me, detailing your goals for this assignment, highlighting your experiences, and providing analysis of your collaborative work. You should update me on changes made to or information learned about your audiences since the proposal.

Cover Letter: Your cover letter will be addressed to your primary audience. It will introduce your credentials, and serve as a pitch – a brief, attention-grabbing description — of your final project.

Executive Summary: This will serve as a one-page overview of the problem and your specific recommendations; it should reflect the highlights of your entire project. (See Markel pp. 515-517, 523 for assistance.)

Glossary of Terms: You may find it useful to include a glossary for terms that may be unfamiliar to any members of your primary, secondary, or tertiary audiences, as well as incidental audiences (mainly, me).

Citations: When using specific evidence and information from other people’s work, you must provide in-text citations in the style appropriate for your target audience.

Graphics: You’ll want to include charts, graphs, images, or other supporting visual data appropriate for your audiences’ needs.

Please note:

  • You must fulfill all components of the assignment to receive a passing grade. If your assignment doesn’t pass as a “real life” document for any reason, you will receive a 0% on the assignment.
  • “Any reason” means one or any combination of the following: no primary research, no secondary research, primary research invalid, secondary research invalid, addressing wrong primary audience, no attention to your audience’s needs, invalid argument, very low level of feasibility of your solution, wrong overall organization, clarity, and cohesiveness (including correct grammar and proofreading).

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