week #1

Tuesday 07/14 & Thursday 07/16


  • The class website will be updated weekly. Make sure to check.
  • Introductions


noun: inference; plural noun: inferences
  1. a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning.
    synonyms: deduction, conclusion, reasoning, conjecture, speculation, guess,presumption, assumption, supposition, reckoning,extrapolation

    “there should be no inference drawn from the fact that he chooses not to be a witness”
    • the process of inferring something.
      “his emphasis on order and health, and by inference cleanliness”
  • The power of words: AUDIENCE
  • Introduction to Final Project
  • What is “Reflection”?
  • Reflective Essay Prompts
    • THURSDAY 07/16 DUE: Bring old cover letter/resume for review. 
    • THURSDAY 07/16 DUE: Bring an ad for a job/internship
    • THURSDAY 07/16 DUE: Bring 1-3 possible topics for linked assignments (for class discussion). Focus on the subjects that interest you. 
    • How to choose an appropriate topic for linked assignments
    • THURSDAY 07/16 DUE: Reflection Essay #1 (bring hard copy to class)
    • Proper English or Else?
    • Please, pay attention to HOW to submit your assignments (ask questions in class)


1: an instance of reflectingespecially: the return of light or sound waves from a surface
2: the production of an image by or as if by a mirror
3 a : the action of bending or folding back
   b : a reflected part :fold
4: something produced by reflecting: as
   a : an image given back by a reflecting surface
   b : an effect produced by an influence <the high crime rate is a reflection of our violent society>
5: an often obscure or indirect criticism :reproach <areflection on his character>
6: a thought, idea, or opinion formed or a remark made as a result of meditation
7: consideration of some subject matter, idea, or purpose
obsolete: turning back :return
9 a : a transformation of a figure in which each point is replaced by a point symmetric with respect to a line or    plane
   b : a transformation that involves reflection in more than one axis of a rectangular coordinate system

week #2

Tuesday 07/21 & Thursday 07/23


AT HOME BEFORE CLASS (notice: links are in bold)

  • TUESDAY 07/21 DUE: Bring old cover letter/resume for review. 
  • TUESDAY 07/21 DUE: Bring an ad for a job/internship
  • TUESDAY 07/21 READ AT HOME: Brainstorming for the Final Topic
  • TUESDAY 07/21 READ AT HOME: Choosing a topic for your final project: THIS MIGHT HELP
  • TUESDAY 07/21 WATCH AT HOME: Ken Robinson
  • REMINDER: On THURSDAY, please, bring the first draft of your cover letter (written for the add) to class for peer-review.


week #3

Tuesday 07/28 & Thursday 07/30

  • Tuesday DUE: FINAL COVER LETTER (remember to bring rough draft and peer-review) 
  • Tuesday DUE: BRING INTERVIEW and SURVEY question for review in class 
  • (2) Cover letter and buying a dress: A Story for Amy
  • (3) What is EXIGENCE? Your Primary Audience and Exigency.
  • (4) Topic Prospectus Peer-Review: HERE
  • (5) Interview & Survey Questions Review
  • THURSDAY: Assignment #4 Introduction
  • Saliva Definition: Audience Accommodation

week #4

Tuesday 08/04 & Thursday 08/06

  • Tuesday 08/04 DUE: Final Topic Prospectus (please, email it to me at: dhinc@umd.edu before midnight) If you have any questions, contact me by email or phone anytime between 9am and 9pm (seven days a week).
  • Tuesday 08/04 DUE: To Professor Bialas, hand in class: 1) rough draft of Topic Prospectus, 2) peer-review of TP (there will be a separate grade assigned for this part of the assignment)

Rhetoric and Rhetorical Situations

Visual Rhetoric

Here are some links to help you write a rhetorical analysis:
Homework due August 6, 2015

3 Rhetorical Situations -Over the course of a single day, identify three different rhetorical situations, e. g. writing a biology lab report, taking notes during your classes, or texting your friend. Then, list the elements of a rhetorical situation for each writing activity, i. e. author, audience, text, purpose, context, and subject. Select one of these writing situations , describe in a paragraph of at least 200 words how the rhetorical elements of this particular situation are related to each other, and how this interconnectedness adds to unity and coherence of the whole text. Submit your assignment to your instructor.

•Read/Watch @ home:
Visual Rhetoric: Overview, by Purdue OWL: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/691/01/

week #5

Tuesday 08/11 & Thursday 08/13

Oral Presentations

Education Debate/Argument

Final Proposal–In Class Writing

Links to infographics below:

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week #6

Tuesday 08/18 & Thursday 08/20

  • Homework completion-based
  • Two audience-based definitions
  • Reflection Essay (Professor Bialas)
  • Oral Presentations on Thursday
  • Interviews/Survey Results
  • Final Paper due: ?