student testimonials

Engl-391: Advanced Composition, Fall 2014

Danuta Hinc is THE BEST.
The teacher was amazing!! I absolutely loved professor Hinc. She was very engaging and could relate to students and what they wanted and needed. She helped us learn how to write for real life situations!! Everyone should take this class with professor Hinc!!!!
Professor’s teaching style was relatable and applicable to the course material.
Using data to support a point and expanding on that point fully was a helpful reminder for arguing/ essay writing.
Writing the proposal alone would have been extremely difficult. Having each of the smaller papers build to the final proposal was extremely valuable and taught me how to approach large assignments.
I learned how to do research and build papers off of my research.
You were always available
The instructor did a great job of exposing us to different writing styles and how they apply to our future careers.
I found the knowledge of how to properly cite my sources and format an argument to be very valuable.

I thought this class was very informative and interesting. I personally enjoyed having Professor Hinc as my professor. I venture to say that she has been one of the best professors that I have had thus far. I was having a hard time picking a junior English course and I avoided the class like a plague but having her as a professor created a positive experience for me. She is an exceptional educator and she’s very personable. I also enjoy the way that she teaches and I feel like she is an asset to the English department. I am very fortunate to have had her my last semester at UMD. Thank you Professor Hinc.

Prof Hinc is an awesome professor who doesn’t just teach about English she teaches about life and then leaves you to make your own decision. We were introduced to so many different topics in this class. She always had different videos prepared for every class that would introduce an opinion, culture, or problem that I never would of known about. She knows how to relate to the millenial generation by using catchy flashy things from the internet that holds our attention. She encourages open debates on topics and lets everyone voice their opinion.
Professor Hinc is a wonderful professor and just a wonderful human being. She made sure she taught the class more than just a different writing style, but ended up giving us tools we can use in our own life. I would retake this class in a heartbeat. Although I took this course because it was a collegiate requirement, this class ended up being my favorite class to go to and learn. Thanks again for a wonderful semester.
Professor Hinc Is amazing. Does a great job of creating a great class atmosphere
Very interesting, made it fun, related well back to our lives, and had us write about things that interest us.
I loved having Professor Hinc – she is extremely helpful and clearly just wants her students to learn and improve their writing skills in the future. I enjoyed going to class because it was very interactive and conversational. I never really felt like I was doing busy work, or like she was just trying to use up time. Loved the use of youtube and TED videos in class, very helpful. She is so supportive and helpful.
I really enjoyed going to class. Professor was an excellent professor and made learning about professional writing enjoyable and relateable. I recommended this course with Professor Hinc to many of my friends.
Professor Hinc did a fantastic job of making this course intellectually stimulating and interesting. I have learned a lot from this course, and have learned skills that I will take with me and use for the rest of my life.

Engl-393: Technical Writing, Summer 2014

Teaching style was great
Professor was great !!
I LOVED Professor Hinc, she is the most caring professor I have had at the University of Maryland. She is very straightforward and helpful. She wants to help her students do the best they possibly can. She is also extremely understanding. I would recommend her to everyone.
Professor Hinc is a very charismatic teacher, I enjoyed the way she got the class involved and motivated us. The course was fairly easy, but since it was a mandatory course for all STEM majors, that wasn’t really a problem.
Professor Hinc made the material interesting and fun to learn
Informative, engaging, humorous, approachable, philosophical. Technical writing taught me about how to live life.
I found the course to be very valuable to improve and learn the writing techniques for each assignment.
I found it valuable how we always talked about our projects so we knew exactly what we would do.
I thought the experience of working with a team on a writing assignment was very valuable. I had never realized how hard it would be to make a paper cohesive when it was written by multiple authors.
Understanding the rhetorical situation is a skill that can be used in everyday life. I also learned about the power of conciseness.



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